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"supporting" trans children by misgendering them




It’s really fucking funny to me because after the first him her mom corrected herself and then continued on with calling her daughter “her”
This is fukh8 who is quoting wrong and actually changing the quote to make sure you know this girl was assigned male at birth
It’s not the mom who fukh8 was quoting.


when will ya’ll stop pretending to love black women for attention

"Gathering of alabaster roaches"

I need to remember this and use it always because it is so gd true/hilarious

Tales of White Bitch Manor


During my junior year at Private White Hell I was desperate for off campus housing and I discovered a quaint off campus home housing 5 white ladies and 3 lads and my mom thought I should live there because when I first met all of them, they just seemed to love black people! They tried to imitate…